I remember the day like it was yesterday. I was almost 32 weeks pregnant with my first child. I had a very rough pregnancy thus far yet, I was overjoyed with the thought of motherhood. It was Sunday night, Feb 23, 2014 and I was experiencing another but more intense round of pain. I began to cry and my husband came to came to attend to me. As he wiped my face and spoke to me, I felt the Holy Spirit’s presence and I said to him repeatedly “the baby is coming, the baby is coming.” The next day, during a regularly scheduled visit, my gynecologist informed me that they were transferring me to the hospital for labor and delivery! As I laid there on the table in an empty room, I broke down and started to cry. I was in a state of turmoil… Part of me felt relieved and the other part of me was absolutely terrified of what this meant. I knew I couldn’t do this alone and God came to me and kept me grounded in Him. He knew what I was feeling and comforted me. I surrendered ALL I had to Him right then and there and in that moment when I tell you God showed up and showed out! He really did! My God!!!!

Title: God showed up and showed out!

Testimony Category: Strength

Scripture: Phil 4:7 KJV And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.

God covered me in His love and gave me a peace I could not explain. Everything that I had spoken to God regarding my fears of childbirth pain were addressed and covered. I rested in the Lord and was not afraid anymore! God took away my pain and stayed by my side! I was still and comforted despite everything going around me at the hospital with the doctors trying to keep the baby inside a little longer. God brought all the right people to care for and look after me… unknown to me at the time, the gynecologist who told me that they were transferring me to the hospital is a God-fearing and praying man and he along with my husband Mark, family and staff PRAYED before and after my emergency c-section. I became a mother on Feb 26, 2014 to a beautiful, strong and powerful little girl weighing less than 3lbs! Once she was born, my body began to heal itself and she was immediately transferred to the NICU with an amazing staff!

Throughout this experience, God was with me. I say it again… God was with me! I felt His presence in and around me. I felt His love for me. He was in charge and was directing the talented and exceptional doctors and nurses who cared for my daughter and I. I was overjoyed knowing God came to and comforted me in my time of need and then showed out! He took away my physical pain and gave me strength that carried me through the entire delivery and beyond that a nurse reminded me the next day that I could self medicate through the IV in my arm. I told her that I was not in pain at the time and if needed I would administer some pain medication! She looked at me in amazement and I smiled knowing God was all over this situation and was in control!!! My daughter left the NICU after one week and was transferred to the nursery where she stayed for an additional four weeks while gaining weight! We took our daughter home on April 01, 2014 weighing 4lbs 7oz! To God be the glory!!!

April Smiley 04/15/2018